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Management Policies
Quality Policies
As manufacturer of stainless and special steel tubing, Kyoto Seikan Co., Ltd. sets forth the following quality policies
as the basis for applying our unique technology, experience and knowhow to supply high precision,
high quality products, quickly and reliably, in order to earn the trust and satisfaction of our customers.

1. Meet customer needs by supplying products of high precision and quality while adhering closely to all relevant regulations.
2. Through technical innovation and product development, aim always to create “products that our customers can use with assurance,” and along with affiliated companies, contribute to the development of the industry and the society.
3. Establish quality targets for each group, implement business activities to achieve these, and review these on a regular basis to ensure continuous improvement.
4. Endeavor to reduce instances of non-compliance arising within each group.
5. Understand deeply that 5S activities are the basis of quality, and should therefore be implemented on a daily basis.
Based on these policies, we shall promote ongoing improvement by periodically checking the implementation status of our quality management system, identifying and solving any problems encountered along the way.
Further, we shall respect the rules and provisions set forth in the company quality manual and related documents, and take the initiative in ensuring that quality policies are understood and implemented in all groups.
November 1, 2015
Shuji Shibazaki, President and CEO
Kyoto Seikan Co., Ltd.
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